Kori Design House

Marketing Collaterals | Interior Design House

We worked with an upcoming Interior Design House for digital marketing and design systems. We worked with the company as it transitioned from ‘The Design Therapy’ to ‘Kori Design House’.


While we did not work on the brand identity for the company. It was our job to carry forward the design aesthetic of the logo. The visuals of both the brands were very different. While TDT aimed to look aesthetically refined and regal with its gold, ivory and basalt blue. Kori Design House had a younger, more vibrant look.


We worked on merging the two ideas, while we played with the bright and vibrant hues of Kori Design House, we kept the design minimal, with visual repetition to bring about the clean and premium look.

Visuals for The Design Therapy

Social media story and grid designs

Transition from ‘The Design Therapy’ to ‘Kori Design House’

Icon Design for Kori Design House


Kori Design House


Marketing Collaterals

Creative Direction

Ramma Pande

Project Team

Priyanka More
Ramma Pande