Wizdumb is a leading provider of business branding services, offering a comprehensive range of designing and branding services to help you establish a strong and memorable brand. Our team of experienced brand designers will work with you to create a unique and effective brand identity that aligns with your business goals and values.

We understand the importance of creating a brand that stands out in today’s competitive marketplace, which is why we offer a range of branding services designed to help you achieve your business goals. From logo design and website development to social media management and marketing, we have the expertise and resources to help you build a strong and recognizable brand.

Our brand designer services are tailored to meet the specific needs of your business, ensuring that you receive a custom solution that reflects your brand’s unique personality and values. We take a holistic approach to branding, working with you to develop a comprehensive strategy that covers all aspects of your brand identity, from your visual elements and messaging to your tone of voice and target audience.

At Wizdumb, we believe that a strong brand is the foundation of a successful business, and we’re dedicated to helping our clients achieve their branding goals. Contact us today to learn more about our business branding services and how we can help you establish a memorable and effective brand.

Art is personal. Design is functional.

We don’t design to please you, we design to communicate effectively with your customers and users. We believe that the creative process is both scientific and artistic. To create winning brands, it is essential to respect the design process, learn about users, understand market conditions to achieve set goals while using imagination and creative spirit for storytelling that connects, informs, and enthrals.

We provide four services at the core by building teams and engaging partners around the project’s goals, objectives, and ambitions.

Brand Strategy & Systems

We aim to align your business purpose to your brand strategy – defining what you want to achieve and set a plan of action to get there.

We do this by taking a deep dive into your business, understanding your business goals, and marrying them to your brand strategy. This is achieved by working closely with you to build a brand strategy document.

The brand strategy is an inspiring document that clarifies your business purpose, identifies your market and target audience. It defines the key pillars of your business. It gives your business focus, unites your team behind a common goal, and creates the foundation for growing your brand’s value. It becomes the core of your brand story, connecting you to your customers.

An extension of the brand strategy includes but is not limited to –

– Cultural Research
– Market Research
– User Profiling
– Internal Communication Systems

Brand Design

We work with founders and entrepreneurs to create new brands. We like to work with our partners and clients at a foundational level, from building a brand strategy, creating a brand story, naming the brand, and designing the brand identity and visual language. We are involved in every step of the way.

We also work with existing brands to reimagine their brand and visual language. Our brand communication design and marketing designs focus on achieving results relevant to your brand.

An extension of brand design includes various consumer touchpoint such as –

– Packaging Design
– Branded Spaces / Branded Environments
– Digital Experiences (Web & App)
– Brand Content

Branded Spaces / Branded Environments

We work with institutes and entities to bring brands to life within spaces and environments that foster brand cultures by building on-brand experiences that are meaningful and memorable. We work with architects to understand the architectural and structural setup to find the best way to marry design with function and work with various vendors across disciplines to meet material requirements.

The goal is to extend the brand visual language across spaces using a multi-disciplinary approach to create winning brand experiences.

An extension of branded spaces includes –

– Way-finding
– Signage Systems
– Branded Events

Digital Experiences (Web & App)

Technology, on its own, doesn’t make something a digital experience. Organisations must find a way to create emotional connections with their users on their mobile devices, and use digital mediums to enhance their brand experience.

We work with companies in creating winning digital experiences that entice, engage, and connect.

Our engagement process usually looks like this –

– Discovery – UX Research and User Analysis
– UX strategy
– Product architecture and workflow
– Wire-framing and prototyping
– Visual design of interfaces.