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The Growth Riddle (TGR) is an ‘Early Years’ solutions company that works with preschools and parents to provide the most nourishing environment for children to grow and learn. Founded by Ms Purnima Shetye, The Growth Riddle is a passionate project that aims at providing the most fulfilling childhood for children everywhere. With 38 years in the education industry, Ms Shetye has dedicated her life to improving the preschool education environment in the country and offers 360 degrees solutions by working with schools, teachers and parents alike.


We have been involved in the project since the time it was merely an idea in Ms Shetye’s head. Right from developing the business plan to designing its identity and later the website, we have been minutely involved in this project since its inception.

The Growth Riddle’s logo portrays the free-spirited nature of a child. The circle depicts life. It is what holds the elements together bringing solidity and stability.


As kids, most of us have fond memories of making paper boats, fans and planes. The plane stands as a symbol for the child and his childhood. It is shown flying in an upward direction which depicts growth and development.

“I was impressed by the quality work they did and the fact that they kept their timelines, which to me is very important. Their work showed innovation, creativity and speed.”

Purnima Shetye
– Founder, The Growth Riddle

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The Growth Riddle


Brand Identity & Website

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Ramma Pande

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Pratiksha Date
Ramma Pande