The Space

Identity, Website, Digital | Co-working Space

The Space is a dynamic network of coworking spaces with centers in Pune & Mumbai. We approached The Space with an aim to develop a strong, sophisticated and memorable logo type that will stand out and make a statement. We explored several concepts for identity and wanted to highlight individuality. The Space is a cohesive coworking space that brings together networks and people.

The final brand identity plays with negative spacing where ‘A’ is formed by the top view of an open door which symbolises – welcoming environment, openness to new ideas and exploration, collaboration, and more.

The rectangle on which the type sits creates a base for the identity – symbolising a strong foundation that gives a sense of solidity to the Brand Identity. The rectangle also acts as a canvas that can be changed on different occasions making the logo more dynamic in nature.


The Space


Brand Identity, Website Design & Development, Digital Assets

Creative Direction

Ramma Pande

Primary Designer

Disha Bhosale
Riya Sapare