Brand Identity | Jewellery

Founded by Sheetal Are, Urmee is a jewellers company that designs, creates and curates authentic and vibrant silver jewellery.


Urmee stands for the strong independent modern woman who is not afraid to be herself and is comfortable in her skin. The brand identity takes this idea forward in a visual composition that reflects – strength, desire, femininity, and power.


We put together an identity that reflects the qualities associated with the name. The infinity loops that make the symbol create an interwoven pattern that reflects the free-flowing energy and the warm colors help bring in a sense of passion and desire.


The interconnectedness of the pattern also makes the symbol look delicate and unbreakable at the same time. The overall balance of the symbol brings out a certain sense of modernity while being timeless.


The symbol can even be used as a pattern for signature jewellery (pendant, earrings, ring, etc.) or can be used to create a signature block print pattern.




Brand Identity

Creative Direction

Ramma Pande

Project Team

Rohini Mani