Communication Design

Wamaco is a Waste Management Company that provides end-to-end waste management services to companies across industries.

They approached us to design a brochure that put across their services and offerings in a concise and effective manner. The challenge was that different industries generate different kinds of waste materials, the brochure needed to stand out in its category while maintaining an industry neutral position. We decided to go ahead with an approach that blends graphics and imagery to showcase the scope and scale at which the company functions.

We ended up with a beautiful brochure that effectively communicated the benefits of working with Wamaco and highlighted the advantages of the company’s services.




Communication Design

Creative Direction

Ramma Pande

Primary Designer

Gandhar Puranik
Disha Bhosale

We selected Wizdumb as our design agency based on the breadth of work done by Wizdumb and the diversity of clients in its portfolio. We also believed that having worked with startups in the past, we could get the necessary attention and design inputs that would enhance our brand. Working with Wizdumb gave us insights into developing design framework for our products and services and enhanced our marketing capabilities.

Abhishek Agashe
Founder, Wamaco