Street smart marketing and branding

Of late, a new retail phenomenon has started in Pune. A small 3-wheeler goods carrier vehicle loaded with fruits or vegetables parks near the sidewalk, under a tree if possible, and sells fresh produce to customers. This might not seem earth shattering in itself but dig a little deeper and there emerges a street smart retailer who overcomes many problems and kills many birds with one stone.

To begin with he does not pay any rent. He has a helper who does the arranging and helps with sales. He can choose his working hours and carry out some other business in the spare time. Whether this kind of operation is legal or not is a grey area but our countrymen generally thrive in such a grey area environment. A second hand vehicle does not cost much and he can use the vehicle for other purposes when not doing his vegetables rounds
Strangely, he follows some important rules for brand building- like being in the exact same location every single day- his target is clearly defined as the car and motorcycle owners and he parks in a stretch of road where he is clearly visible 200 meters away so that people can stop in a relaxed way. He is very good with “the regulars” the mainstay of all successful business and knows what they generally buy. He also recommends what is in season and fresh and offers products at a competitive price.

For the consumer the “van man” is convenient to buy from on his way home in the evening. (The van operates only in the evening). He likes the personalized service and advice besides the fact that he can hold the person responsible if products are bad.

From the brand and business perspective this is an ideal win win situation for the “van man” and the consumer as everyone derives some benefit

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